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10,000 members and coalitions march in Springfield

More than 10,000 Illinois members and allied coalitions rallied in Springfield on May 18th to call on Governor Bruce Rauner to stop destroying the middle class by holding the budget hostage and to make Illinois work for all.
The state of Illinois has gone almost an entire year without a budget and the residents of Illinois are suffering with Governor Rauner and his agenda at the source of the problems. Working families in Illinois are feeling the effects of Governor Rauner and his lethal anti-worker agenda with layoffs, unemployment, and construction projects at a halt.
“All of this devastation is due to one man—a mega-millionaire who thinks his huge wealth means he should be able to impose his will on an entire state, Governor Rauner is determined to ram through his extreme and harmful agenda—and he doesn’t care about how much damage he inflicts in the process.” says Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan.
Every union in the state participated in the rally and traveling from every corner of Illinois for the same cause, to speak out against a Governor and his allies who are destroying Illinois.
Other speakers at the rally included Laborers’ Local 773 own Union Sister Amy Fasiq who was seriously injured on the jobsite in 2012. As Amy was a flagger on the roadside, a ladder on a truck caught her left arm, tearing it off below the elbow and throwing her 20 feet in the air. When Amy hit the ground, her right arm and her left leg was broken. Amy suffered through three surgeries, with severe trama and now has plates and screws in her remaining arm and leg while her left arm had to be amputated. Due to the loss of her arm, Amy cannot move it and is in agony from excruciating phantom pain. Her right arm is very weak and she has arthritis in her leg.

“If we didn’t have a strong workers’ compensation law in Illinois, myself and my family would have lost everything. We would have been responsible for millions of dollars in medical bills. We would have had to go on food stamps and Medicaid. We would have been bankrupt. Some states don’t treat injured workers as fairly as we do here in Illinois. And some people in that building over there, (the capitol building) want to join in a race to the bottom with those other states. “
“They want to make it harder for workers like me - who get hurt on the job - to put our lives back together. They want to force injured workers to survive on less: less money, less medical treatment, less physical therapy.”
Illinoisans are already feeling the sting of the Rauner agenda, including state employees, state programs such as foster care, education, seniors and our union brothers and sisters working just to make a living.

The rally was organized by Illinois Working Together, a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker attacks. IMG_0023.jpg