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MEMBERS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A secret ballot election for the offices of the executive board has been mailed to all members in good standing at the last known home address May 17th – May 20th. Any eligible member who has not received a ballot in the mail at home by May 25th may call the election committee at 618-407-3841 or 618-993-5773 to request a new packet. Please read the instructions carefully before marking your ballot and be sure to place your ballot in the SECRET BALLOT ENVELOP and seal it before inserting it in the self-addressed stamped envelope to be returned before June 4th. Please make sure this is done correctly or your vote will be deemed void. NOTE: the sequential number on the return envelope will identify you as an eligible voter. If you choose not to include a return address on your return envelope, your vote is still counted as long as it is sealed in the Secret Ballot Envelop.

This secret ballot election process meets all standards and is in accordance with federal law and the LIUNA International Union’s constitution and bylaws. Please protect the integrity of the process and preserve your secrecy by following the instructions carefully.

Thank you, William Orrill

Official Judge of Election

For more information on Local Union Office Elections please visit the US Department of Labor website at

Or LIUNA Officers Election Guide at