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Joining the Apprenticeship

Skilled, highly trained, safe, knowledgeable, Laborers are dedicated professionals. If you or someone you know has an interest in becoming a construction craft Laborer, below is the instructions on how to apply for the apprenticeship program:

How to apply:

Applications are accepted online on the first Tuesday of each month from 8am to 8pm on the Training Center Website at Applications are also accepted in person at Laborer Local 773 Union Hall on the first Tuesday of each month, during the hours of 10am to 12pm only. After the application process, all applicants are then notified by mail of the location, date, and time that they should report for oral interviews. 

All individuals who successfully completes an oral interview are assessed an overall score. The applicants are then placed on an eligible listing of applicants for the local union which they applied, in ranking order, highest to lowest. As the local union has a need for apprentices, individuals are taken off this eligible listing and contacted for enrolment in the program. Each individual is drug screened prior to entering the program.

As our program continues to accept applicants, tests, and interview each month, please remember that an individual's ranking may change each month, depending on the number of applicants completing these processes.


Must be a High School Graduate or G.E.D.

Must be 18 at the time of application

A reading, understanding, writing, & communicating ability as would enable the applicant to perform the tasks of the construction craft laborer in a safe manner and comprehend the subject matter taught in English only, in related instruction.

Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade.

Have a valid driver’s license.

Submit to a personal interview administered by program staff. These will be scheduled after our office receives all applications. ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY U.S. MAIL

Drug testing shall be required at time of enrolment

Illinois Laborers' and Contractors' Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program are an equal opportunity employer. Applications are given without regard to age, sex, religion, race, color, or national origin.


Apprentices are paid a progressively increasing schedule of wages consistent with skills and knowledge acquired. The rate for each period is shown as a percentage of the skilled Construction Craft Laborer journey worker rate as specified in the collective bargaining agreement.

The following schedule provides for 200 hours of classroom training and 1000 hours of on-the-job training, EACH YEAR for the three year term of apprenticeship.


1st Year of Apprenticeship - 75% of Journeyworker rate + Benefits

Classroom Training = 200 Hours

On-the-Job Training = 1,000 Hours

When both requirements met – wage progress to 85% level

2nd Year of Apprenticeship – 85% of Journeyworker rate + Benefits

Classroom Training = 200 Hours

On-the-Job Training = 1,000 Hours

When both requirements met – wage progress to 95% level

3rd Year of Apprenticeship – 95% of Journeyworker rate + Benefits

Classroom Training = 200 Hours

On-the-Job Training = 1,000 Hours

When final classroom and OJT requirements are met, and apprentice has in program MINIMUM of 3 years – they will be advanced to 100% Journeyworker Status.


Our instructors are dedicated to giving quality training in everything from Asbestos Abatement, General Construction, and Hazardous Waste Removal to Welding. We train more than 5,500 Union Laborers a year and offer an apprenticeship program to qualified men and women who are interested in a career as a construction craft laborer with all the advantages of the Laborers' Union...good wages, great health and welfare benefits and lots of advancement opportunities.

for more information on the apprenticeship program, please visit ILLINOIS LABORERS & CONTRACTORS JOINT APPRENTICESHIP AND TRAINING PROGRAM

Beginning April 2019 The Shawnee Community College will offer the Construction Management Program

More information about the Shawnee College Construction Management Program