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Retirees and Gold Card Members

Perhaps one of the greatest assets to Local 773 is our active retired members. Having dedicated so much of their life, time and energy to the success of this great International Union during their tenure as working members, retirees deserve nothing less than the total commitment and support of Local 773. Retirees make a significant contribution to LiUNA’s political, legislative and organizational goals. In December, 2006 Local 773 established our retiree council which is comprised of prominent retired members who are appointed by the executive board to serve the National Retiree Council to address the specific and concerns of our retired members.

Retiree's are entitled to all the benefits of 773 Union membership as well as participate in social and recreational activities several times a year including picnics, an annual Christmas Party, luncheons and conventions, children and grandchildren are eligible for our Connell F. Smith-Homer Brown Scholarship and a $2,000 Death Benefit at no cost to the member. If you are a current member who is interested in remaining a member of Local 773, or if you were previously a member and would like to reinstate as a retired LiUNA! member, please call our office at 618-993-5773. Retired members are entitled to a reduced amount of Union Dues of $10 per month and Gold Card Members are entitled to free lifetime membership with LiUNA!