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From pay to training to retirement, LiUNA! members live better.

In the Local 773 jurisdiction of Southern Illinois, the advantage  for Laborers is even greater. For example, a heavy-highway LiUNA! worker averages $55.47 an hour in wages and benefits, compared to $13.72 for heavy-highway workers not in a union according to Engineering News Record’s Construction Economics Department. 

LiUNA! has one of the best continuing education systems in the world—and it’s free. This training—more than 50 different courses—opens the doors to new opportunities by providing members with the skills employers need. Classes are available in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

LiUNA! helps keep members safer by empowering workers with the ability to speak out about workplace hazards, and by providing training that helps workers recognize potential hazards.

When it comes to healthcare and retirement, construction workers with a union have the advantage. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 82 percent of union construction workers have health insurance compared to only 46 percent of non-union construction workers.

The Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration reports that while only 35 percent of non-union construction workers have a pension plan, 77 percent of union construction workers have a pension plan.

Public service workers find a strong collective voice through LiUNA!, with bargaining rights, better pay and working conditions.

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