Our Story

Connell F. Smith

Connell F. Smith served as Business Manager of Local 773 from 1940 to 1976. It was his vision and leadership that guides us today in organizing, political action and service to the members. 

Laborers' Local 773 is as diverse as the working men and women who come to embody its most cherished principles of strength, pride and justice.  Local 773 was born during a time of conflicts and restraints of the American worker. As industries flourished, union members struggled against unsafe working conditions and unfair wages. But in spite of the hardships, Laborers' Local 773 would rise from its most humble beginnings to one of the largest, most diverse and influential Locals in the International. 

ON March 11th, 1940 Connell F. Smith was given the charter for Laborers' Local 773 in Cairo, Illinois. By the 1970's and early 80's Local 773 extended our representation to workers of public and private industries including employees of government and municipal work, healthcare, bus drivers, food service, universities, printers, industrial employees, administrative, schools and railroad maintenance taking our representation to a nationwide level. 

By 2003, nine LiUNA Locals across Southern Illinois merged with Local 773 making it one of the most diverse, extensive and powerful Locals in the International and creating new opportunities for its members.  Laborers' Local 773 is now the 12th Largest Local Union in the International providing representation to members for over 80 years.