Fight for Union Jobs, Tell Congress to Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework MESSAGE

Create Jobs, Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

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Dear Representative,

The time is now to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. The $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a robust investment that will restore our country and create good jobs.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will create hundreds of thousands of good family-supporting jobs and rebuild our infrastructure to the world-class standards we deserve.

As a union member of the Laborers' International Union of North America, I urge you to quickly vote in favor of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. It will mean good middle-class jobs for me and my union brothers and sisters and it will ...


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The Laborers’ International Union of North America is the most progressive and aggressive Unions in North America. We represent more than 500,000 working men and women fighting for good wages and benefits, safer jobsites. Local 773 represents over 3,500 members nationwide in 41 States who work in a variety of fields including construction, industrial plants, public employees, maritime, law enforcement, railroad maintenance, environmental cleanup and healthcare.


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