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Public and Private Sector Members

Industrial, Public Employees, Law Enforcement, Healthcare and Government Members

Since Local 773 was charted 80 years ago, this local union has been working hard for the men and women we represent. During the early 1970’s, Local 773 expanded its representation to the public employees beginning with county highway departments. Today, Local 773 represents over 2,500 members of the public and private sector in Illinois and Missouri and negotiates over 160 individual collective bargaining agreements for Public and Private Employers. Every member knows the value of organized labor and we are dedicated to providing protecting workers rights for our members, federal employees, healthcare, industrial workers and many more. We are diverse, proud, and united by solidarity and accomplishing strength in the labor movement. Our primary mission is to protect your rights and ensure a decent and fair wage, job security, healthcare, pensions, and an overall a better quality of life for you and your family. For information on organizing your workplace, please call our office at 618-993-5773. 

Local 773 Public & Private Union Representatives:

John Allsopp-        Jack Skelcher-   

Charley Ferguson (Railroad)        Tory Woods-

Rick Bard (VR704&706)

Rek Wood-St Louis Office (First Student Bus Drivers)